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Ciroc Amaretto Recipe

Ciroc Amaretto Drink Recipes

Harlem Sour - Ciroc Amaretto

Try our Black & Gold recipe combining CÎROC™ Amaretto & Cola. Stir and enjoy your vodka cocktail!

How to Make Cocktail Drinks with Amaretto (with Ingredients)

Ciroc Amaretto w/ Coke & add a lil Disaronno Amaretto. The perfect and easy cocktail! Omg Yum!

Homemade Classic 'Godfather' Amaretto Cocktail Recipe

Ciroc Amaretto & Apple. Non Alcoholic Drinks, Cocktail Drinks, Party Drinks, Cocktails

Ciroc Amaretto & Cola Blue Drinks, Cocktail Drinks, Party Drinks, Cocktails, Alcoholic

How To Make a Classic Amaretto Sour

Amaretto and almonds

Ciroc Amaretto The Gatsby You

"Rich & Famous" Recipe: Baileys Vanilla Cinnamon + CIROC Amaretto #cocktails #drinks #bvc #glamourshot #glambaileys. "

Toasted Almond drink sitting on placemat

Amaretto Cranberry Kiss

Ciroc Mango Mule Mango Cocktail, Mango Drinks, Cocktail Drinks, Cocktail Recipes, Yummy


Cîroc: amaretto

Alabama Slammer drink on table in front of liquor bottles

... launches of their Coconut, Red Berry, and Peach flavors, P.Diddy and Ciroc have announced the newest flavor addition to the brand will be Amaretto.

Cîroc: apple

ciroc pom tini

Ciroc Amaretto Flavoured Vodka (1000ml)

Print. It's the Pimp Sh*t cocktail ...

Alabama Slammer Drink Recipe

Pineapple Upside Down Cocktail

Amaretto Alexander Source. The Brandy Alexander is a cocktail ...

Paradise Punch Cocktail Recipe

Cîroc: french vanilla

Cranberry & Amaretto, a Christmas Cocktail

The Land Mine Cocktail

Amaretto Sunrise

... cocktail! Toast to the holidays with this creamy eggnog martini. It combines delicious eggnog, vanilla

A long cocktail and cranberry juice and amaretto, garnished with fresh cranberries and rosemary

Amaretto, Red Berry, Mango and French Vanilla #cirocvodka #cockatiellove # cocktails #

Manhattan Remixed

Amaretto, 1 fl. oz. ➤ Southern comfort, 1 fl. oz. ➤ Peach liqueur, 1 fl. oz. ➤ Raspberry liqueur, 1 fl. oz. ➤ Grenadine ➤ Pineapple juice

How to Make an Amaretto Cherry Sour Recipe

Easy General-Party Mixed Alcoholic Amaretto Punch

CÎROC Amaretto Tiramisu

How to Drink Ciroc Vodka

Vodka Watermelon Cocktail the perfect refreshing drink to sip on this summer! Easy, light

Cuban Breeze - Vodka Amaretto and Pineapple Juice

... Brunch, Cocktail Hour, Celebration. Cîroc: vodka

Really good cocktail drinks. The Nilla Wafer Martini recipe tastes just like its namesake, with vanilla vodka and amaretto.

Pineapple Upside Down Cocktail

Great Cocktail Recipes

Ciroc cocktail Black & Gold

Closeup of Alabama Slammer orange and cherry garnish

Fullsize Of Drinks With Amaretto ...

Southern Peach

Oscar Recipes: Rich and Famous: BVC + Ciroc Amaretto Los Angeles Magazine

Grapefruit Sunrise Cocktail

Amaretto, 1 fl. oz. ➤ Vodka, 1 fl. oz. ➤ Pineapple juice, 6 fl. oz.

Cîroc: pineapple. La Piña. Cîroc: amaretto

Amond Joy Cocktail

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Ciroc Amaretto Vodka

... Ciroc Amaretto ...

Drinks available at ...

ciroc amaretto royale

Ciroc cocktail Lola

CÎROC Fashion Week Cocktails

Simple Amaretto Almond Martini Quick Drinks

Vodka Watermelon Cocktail the perfect refreshing drink to sip on this summer! Easy, light

This one is especially for those who enjoy the taste of chocolate in their drinks. Ingredients ➤ Vodka, 3 fl. oz. ➤ Amaretto, ½ fl. oz.

Flaming Henry

Pineapple Upside Down Cocktail

amaretto sour

Overhead view of the Alabama Slammer drink

The Gangster Martini -

A French Vanilla Martini will transport you a world away. This easy to make cocktail is great for parties, it is simply delicious!

St. Germain Cocktail

Alabama Slammer

How to Make a Moscow Mule

Cîroc: coconut

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How to make an Amaretto cocktail that tastes just like Dr Pepper - without Dr Pepper

Malibu Summer Rose Cocktail - Coconut rum, peach schnapps, pineapple juice, orange juice

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Eggnog Cocktail recipe is made with vodka, amaretto and eggnog